Pineapple Plant Care Guide

Pineapple plants have been all the rage for quite a while now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be slowing down!

Pineapple Plant Care Guide

When we first made our move to include indoor plants in our range of gifts we couldn’t wait to show you the wonderful pineapple plant gift! So whether you’ve just received one in the mail, already have one in your home or plan on adding one to your collection, read our pineapple plant care guide for all the advice you’ll need on caring for your indoor pineapple plant in the UK.


How to Care for Indoor Pineapple Plants in the UK

Pineapple plants (or Ananas comosus) are originally native to parts of South America including Brazil which means even though we can’t grow them in the outdoors in the UK, they do make wonderful houseplants.

These gorgeous plants make up a part of the bromeliad family and usually have one single stem growing a pineapple surrounded by sword like leaves which spill graciously over the side of the pot.

They are even thought to reduce snoring thanks to an enzyme in their leaves that is released into the air. A fun bedroom plant to give to a partner who keeps you awake all hours of the night with their snoozing sounds.


Pineapple Plant Location

Your pineapple plant needs plenty of light throughout the day for it to flourish. Place in a south-facing location close to a window so it can get a good few hours of direct sun during each day.


Propagating Pineapple Plants

Sadly, these plants will only ever produce one pineapple fruit in their lifetime. Worry not though as once you have removed the fruit that has passed its best, you can keep hold of the mother plant and over time it will start to produce baby plants around the base. These smaller plants (or pups) can be potted up and will grow into new pineapple plants with their own fruits!


Temperature and Humidity

Pineapple plants like it nice and warm with sun on their foliage. The perfect temperature for them is between 22-28°C.

Native to dryer conditions, your pineapple plant doesn’t need a high amount of humidity but will fare well when given a light spritz every week to absorb water through its leaves.


Watering Pineapple Plants

Pineapple plants don’t require a lot of water to stay happy as they are used to dry conditions. In this case, wait for the first couple of inches of soil to dry before adding any more water.

Water the pot thoroughly and allow excess to drain away before placing back into its decorative pot.

Pineapple plants can also absorb water through their leaves so watering directly into the rosette of the leaves allows them to take in extra water this way too.

When in doubt, less is more. Over watering usually causes much more damage than under watering.


Send a Pineapple Plant as a Gift

Pineapple Plant Gift

Pineapple plants are a symbol of abundance and prosperity, and in the past they were commonly used as decoration around the home. Send one as a gift to loved ones on their special day, whether they are celebrating their birthday, anniversary or even moving into a new home.


Upon placing your order one of our devoted green fingered team will hand select a plant just for you and gift wrap it ready for careful delivery.