The Plant that Stops Snoring

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Pineapple Plant Snoring

Could it be too good to be true, a plant that stops you from snoring? Surely not. But it’s time to start believing.

As the house plant trend continues and Tree2mydoor takes centre stage as a leading indoor plant supplier, we are starting to uncover the many different health benefits they provide us with.

Just to list a few, plants are known to increase productivity, help us to create a more positive mental state and even improve air quality. This is all without mentioning how stylish they look. But what about the snoring bit?


So can Pineapple Plants actually stop Snoring?

Yes, and it's even NASA approved!

Placing a pineapple plant in your bedroom will improve the overall air quality by removing harmful toxins from the air and turning carbon dioxide into fresh, filtered oxygen for us to breathe. But this isn’t the only thing it’s good for...

The Plant that Stops SnoringAccording to research, up to 45% of the British population snore which has led almost a quarter of us sleeping in a separate bed to our partner, just to get a restful nights sleep. That sounds like a lot of unnecessary sleepless nights to us!

Snoring occurs when the airways narrow as we fall asleep - while this is something that happens to everyone it can be more prominent in some people resulting in the loud snoring sound.

Here’s where the pineapple comes in, the plant not only improves the quality of the air we breathe at night but it also produces an anti-inflammatory enzyme that’s released into the air. This helps to keep airways open and snoozing sounds to a minimum.

Pineapple plant care is easy and definitely worth the effort if it means we get to sleep well throughout the night. 

This indoor plant not only holds a host of health benefits, but it looks great too! The spiky evergreen leaves spill over the edge of the pot bringing life and colour to any indoor living space. Not to mention to ornamental pineapple fruit that sits proudly on top of the tall stem.

So, whether you have a loved one who snores and knows they do. Or want to give a subtle hint to someone who doesn’t then send them a Pineapple Plant gift in the post. They (and everyone around them) will thank you for it.

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