House Plant Gifts

Enrich yours or a loved one’s home with life and colour with our House Plant Gifts. This medley of evergreen House Plants offers natural beauty that lasts all-year-round, giving interior spaces a lovely blend of contemporary ad tropical style. Life indoors will never be the same once you invite these green-housemates in.

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Buy High Quality House Plant Gifts

Give our House Plant Gifts for housewarmings, birthdays, or just to show your love and gratitude, they really are a pleasure to give and receive. Unlike other gifts, ours are living, lasting, and truly meaningful - recipients won’t forget this lovely gesture.

Our easy-to-grow indoor Yucca Plant is the perfect living gift for forgetful folk. This hardy plant is native to the deserts of Mexico and won’t mind if you forget to water it every now and then. Its rough, brown trunk contrasts well with its lush, evergreen leaves for a unique style and appearance.

Customers treasure our Large Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. This gorgeous indoor plant purifies the air with its evergreen leaves, refreshing life at home and improving well-being. It looks great when placed on a table or floor-standing.

Our Indoor Plant Gifts thrive in well-drained soil with exposure to their preferred light level. Avoid placing them in rooms with central heating, radiators, and fireplaces as heat fluctuations spoil humidity.

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