We have a Winner!

Posted by Ella Dooly on

Our Valentines poetry competition attracted a large number of entrants, as usual, this year. After one week's worth of voting, the winner was announced via our Twitter and Facebook accounts - Kayleigh Sheppard.


This is Kayleigh's winning Valentines poem:

Matthew you are my Valentine as you have been for 13 years,
To think how on earth we've managed it reduces me to tears,
I met you when I was 14, I thought I was a lucky girl,
Now i'm almost 27 and you still have me in a whirl.
We've done a lot together, been to paradise and back,
How on earth you've put up with my PMT, I take off my hat!
We have a baby daughter and another one on the way,
I know we'll all be together forever and a day.

Kayleigh Sheppard


Congratulations Kayleigh - Your prize will be sent to you within the next 7 days!

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