November Tree of the Month 2018 | Plaited Bay Tree Gift

Plaited Bay Tree Gifts!

If you’re going to choose a tree gift to send this November then it has to be our tree of the month.

We choose the best tree for every month so you know what’s best to send for any particular occasion or just if you want to know what’s looking best right now.


November Tree of the Month


Without further ado, our tree of the month for November 2018 is… drum roll, please…


The Small Plaited Bay!


It’s a little gem in the world of bay trees and we think it looks delightful in a pot on the patio bringing a winter garden to life ready for the festive period.

Plaited Bay Tree

Not only will the evergreen foliage keep the garden looking fresh, but it’ll also bring a warm Mediterranean vibe when it’s cold and grey.

Two smaller bay trees have been intertwined to create the intricate looking stem. Both sets of leaves come together to create a wonderful bushy head of aromatic foliage.

The two stems make this a beautiful gift for weddings and anniversaries a symbol of two lives coming together, intertwined with a connection to only each other. Send to a happy couple on their big day or to a partner to celebrate your own anniversary.

The aromatic leaves are used to flavour many different dishes. The heady aromas that can be created are endless and it makes the most amazing Christmas gift for a foodie.

Small Plaited Bay Tree


The bay tree arrives in a gift-wrapped 3L pot and is approximately 50cm in height. A high quality, hardy tree ready to be delivered around the UK and Ireland.


Want one but not really sure how to care for it? Bay varieties are pretty low maintenance so it’s easy enough but why not check out our informational Bay Tree Care Guide for tops tips and advice.