Exciting New Japanese Maple Tree Gifts Just Launched!

Japanese Maple Trees Have Now Launched!

Its late summer, and our thoughts are already turning to Autumn, and all the glorious foliage that the changing season will bring with it. It is impossible to think of Autumn foliage without Japanese Maple trees coming to mind. These graceful trees are the stars of the Autumn garden, with foliage that is both vivid and delicate.

We stock some truly beautiful Japanese Maple varieties already, but when we saw these lovely new varieties, we just had to have them! Find out more about our new Japanese Maple Trees for sale, and choose your favourite to send as a gift to someone who really deserves a treat.

Crimson Queen, £36.99

The Crimson Queen Japanese Maple tree gift has a truly exquisite leaf structure; the fine, feathery and deeply segmented leaves are really unusual. New leaves will be bright red in summer, slowly darkening to a deep purple in autumn - hence the name 'Crimson Queen'.

This slow growing tree will reach between 5-8 feet / 1.5 - 2.5 metres, and is perfectly suited to pot growing as well as planting, meaning it can be grown in smaller gardens as well as big.

We can't help but think that this Japanese Maple tree gift would be perfect as a gift for your Mum, the Queen of the Family. This gorgeous tree will make her smile when it arrives fully gift wrapped by hand to her front door.

crimson queen maple

Japanese Sunrise, £36.99

If you are looking for a serious splash of colour in the garden, then the Japanese Sunrise maple tree might be the tree for you. Spending most of the summer a vibrant green, when the autumn colours of this Japanese Maple tree gift do come through, they will take your breath away.

Bright yellow, vivid orange and blazing scarlet; some mornings the tree may look like it has burst into flame, especially with the dawn sunlight shining through the leaves.

Is there a more appropriate gift out there for someone who feels like a ray of sunshine in your life?


japanese sunrise Japanese maple tree

Attraction, £36.99

There's something a little bit exciting about this Japanese Maple. I don't know whether it is the dramatic deep crimson of the foliage or the graceful form of the tree, but some how the name 'attraction' seems to fit this Japanese Maple perfectly.

Everyone knows that red is the colour of love and passion, but if the classic red rose feels too traditional, we think the 'Attraction' Japanese Maple would work well in its place. Who wouldn't feel loved opening the door to find one of these waiting for them, beautifully gift wrapped with a personal message in a card?