Oak Tree Gifts

Oak trees are known as the ‘father of the woods’ and have a special place in our hearts as a UK native favourite. Send a gift that will not only last a lifetime but for generations. Browse our stunning oak tree gifts.

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Finding the Right Tree

Oak trees are known to symbolise power, rulership and protection and will make the perfect gift for the most important man in your life.

They are one of the biggest native trees and can grow up to 70ft in height! They are better suited to very large gardens or other suitable grounds. Choose between large and small oak trees in our range. Whether you are after a sapling or a mature tree you're sure to find the right one for you.

Although the leaves on all varieties change colour in the Winter, none of them are as bright as the red oak. The intense red of the leaves will bring a blaze of beautiful Autumnal colour to the garden.

For something a little different we have truffle trees that are great gifts for friends and family that love their food. The roots are inoculated with British truffle spores, so a few years after planted they'll be rewarded year after year with delicious truffles.

As the saplings are a part of the ancient wisdom range they can be chosen to go into any of our tree gift packs. We have them for a wide variety of occasions such as weddings, christenings and anniversaries and come with an engraved plaque and plinth.

Our trees are picked and packed on the day of dispatch ready for delivery the next day in tip-top shape. Add a personalised greetings card to your order for no extra charge. We have free delivery available on orders over £50.