Pet Memorials

Send a Pet Memorial to loved ones who have lost a furry or feathered family member. Our beloved animal companions deserve the same respect passed people receive. Show your love and gratitude for loyal pets with a tree, plant, or rose bush. Each one has seasonal beauty and enduring symbolism, but all of them are living, lasting, and full of meaning.

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Send a Meaningful Garden Pet Memorial

Honour every wagging tail and satisfied purr with our a gift from our Garden Pet Memorial range. We hope these living and lasting gifts bring closure in times of hardship. After all, pets are part of the family, even if they are messy.

Memorial rose bushes such as the Faithful Friend Rose Bush is dedicated to loyal pets who were always by your side. Celebrate the life of a wonderful pet with radiant yellow roses that arrive every spring and summer. Their vibrant colour and delicate fragrance enrich gardens and bring joy to their recipient for many years to come.

Our Pet Memorial Tree Pack allows you to curate a personal gift, with a native sapling of your choice, your message engraved on a plaque, and a card personalised by you. Everything can be fashioned for a particular pet and their owner.

If your pet was larger than life, our Oak Tree Gift is the perfect way to honour their memory. This native tree becomes immense when it matures and boasts a crown of lush, green leaves. Autumn turns the foliage orange and brown before falling off for winter. Our Oak Trees can be pot grown for 5 years before finding a large garden to settle in.

Our trees, plants, and rose bushes are delivered beautifully gift-wrapped. Order yours, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. To see of the range view our unique memorial gifts page, each tree and plant is living, lasting and full of meaning.