Spring Trees

Which trees look good during spring? Our selection of spring trees includes flowering trees and plants to brighten up your garden.

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Trees for Spring

Spring is a period of renewal, when trees and plants begin to blossom and provide an explosion of colour. When choosing a tree or plant, its important to know what it looks like at a particular time of year. Our selection of seasonal trees will keep you up to date on trees that flourish during spring.

Bring a splash of colour to your home with one of our vibrant fruit trees. Want to add a bit of zest to your garden? Our lemon trees are a popular choice as they produce fruit up to 4 times a year and dont require much space. Keep them in the hallway, conservatory our even out on the patio. The patio victoria plum tree is also ideal for smaller gardens and start producing lovely white flowers during spring.

Magnolia trees are particularly beautiful at this time of year, as their wonderful blossoms start to grow. Our star magnolia tree is especially breath-taking with its striking white flowers. If you want a truly unique look, youll love the wonderful pink-purple blossoms of our tulip magnolia tree or seasonal pink magnolia tree.

Each tree comes with instructions on how to care for it, but if you need more information, see our handy care guides.