Valentines Poetry Competition now LIVE

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Valentines Poetry Competition is now OPEN


Our annual poetry competition is now OPEN!

Do you see yourself as the next Poet laureate? Or just fancy having a bash at winning £100 worth of lovely Tree Gift Vouchers then here is your chance.

Remember this is a voting competition and we don't decide who wins, our lovely customers do! Why not take a look below and we will give you a few hints and tips to make your poem the cream of the crop.

  • Make your poem funny and witty (If possible) we have seen winners in the past that helped raise a cheeky smile to the readers face.
  • Don't make it to long!
  • Don't copy other peoples work, we will be checking! :D
  • Make it tree related! (We like those)
  • Remember it doesn't have to rhyme to be an amazing poem
  • Most importantly! Have fun and let go!


Win £100 Gift Voucher


What would you spend your winnings on? Make sure you update us on our Facebook and Twitter Pages! We always love to hear what gifts our customers love most about our gifts and with these vouchers you can really go for gold on all your favourite tree gifts.

In the past some of our customers have gone for the ever popular Lemon Tree, which is a staple of any home! The lemon is perfect as it is indoor and you will never have to buy Lemon again for those evening Gin & Tonics! If lemon is not your thing why not try the Lime Tree Gift (there is always a debate in the office about Lemon or Lime in G&T).

Make sure you send us your suggestions on way to spend this fabulous prize!

We are very much looking forward to seeing all the entries and crowning this years winner!

Good luck everyone!!

Much Love,



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