Growing Trees in Pots

If you’re looking for the perfect tree to grow in a pot then look no further. There is a wide variety of trees that can all be grown in containers, whether you want beautiful summer flowers, ornamental evergreens or delicious fruits.

Twisted Olive Tree GiftIf space is an issue, choosing a plant or tree that is suitable for pot growing is the answer. Pot grown trees will usually stay at a smaller size, plus growing trees in pots mean less hardy varieties can be moved to a sheltered location when the weather becomes too severe.

While not every tree is suitable for pot growing, we have a fantastic selection of trees that are. Here are some brilliant ranges to explore if you are looking to send a tree gift that can be kept in a pot.


How to Care for Trees in Pots

First things first, let’s go over how to care for your pot grown trees as it’s slightly different to those planted in the ground. More information on how to repot a tree.


1. Choose a pot with good drainage

To start with, make sure to choose a pot with excellent drainage holes. One of the main issues people run into with potted trees is overwatering. When the excess water cannot drain away efficiently enough then the compost becomes waterlogged and may lead to root rot.


2. Top dress the compost once a year and feed well

You also need to consider that potted trees do not have access to extra water and nutrients in the soil like planted ones. This means that they need to be top dressed each year with fresh compost or mulch and repotted every couple of years to refresh the soil.

Feed your potted trees throughout the growing season for added nutrients, simply follow the feed packet instructions.


3. Water well in hot weather

Water your potted plants well in very hot weather, as they dry out much quicker in the summer. Water when the first inch of compost is dry, give the plant a good soak and allow all excess water to drain away.


Type of Trees to Grow in Pots

Next we will show a great variety of trees that can all be grown in pots that stay at a manageable size.


Dwarf Fruit Trees in Pots

Dwarf Fruit Trees in PotsDwarf fruit trees are created by grafting the stem from one plant onto the healthy roots (known as rootstock) of another dwarf variety. You will notice a little bump lower down on the stem of your fruit tree. This is the bud union; and is where the two parts of the tree were fused together.

We have all the classic British fruits available on small rootstocks, see our range of dwarf apple trees, dwarf plum trees and dwarf cherry trees, you’ll be surprised how many dwarf fruit varieties there are out there! They make wonderful patio trees for easy fruit picking.

These trees produce fruit of exactly the same size as their full sized counterparts, it is just the height and spread of the tree that will be smaller, usually, they grow to a maximum of 6ft / 2m. Perfect for small gardens and patios.

Shop our full range of dwarf fruit trees for sale.


Japanese Maple Trees in Pots

Acer Trees in Pots

Japanese Maple trees are another popular choice of tree to grow in a pot or patio planter. These trees work incredibly hard in the garden; they have a beautifully graceful shape and delicate leaves that can turn all kinds of amazing colours as the seasons progress; from purple, red and orange through to yellow and green.

These trees are also very adaptable because they have compact root systems. They are small trees anyway, so even when planted in the ground most won't grow larger than 30ft / 10m. Pot growing will limit this height event further meaning Japanese maples are perfect patio plants.

View the full range of Acer trees over on our website.


Bay and Olive Trees in Pots

Small Bay Tree in a Pot

The majority of olive and bay trees that are available in the UK are either trained into a bush, standard or corkscrew shape. All three shapes are perfect for pot growing, thus ideal for our changeable weather and not quite Mediterranean climate as you can move the plants to a more sheltered location like a shed or porch through winter.

Our pair of olive trees in pots look smart sat either side of a doorstep or driveway or even on a patio in a lovely matching set of pots; perfect options if you want to bring a little bit of Italy to your garden.

See our full range of olive trees delivered, or why not find out more about our bay trees for sale?


Citrus Trees in Pots

Orange Tree in a Pot

Move them into the garden in summer but make sure they are brought indoors as soon as the weather turns; an unheated conservatory or well-lit windowsill away from central heating will prove to be the perfect home for your citrus tree.

With the correct care, you might be surprised how well a potted citrus tree can grow. Head to the website to see our full range of citrus trees as gifts.


Patio Roses in Pots

Roses in Pots

Ok ok, you've got us. These aren't exactly trees. But roses are such a popular plant to give as a gift, we thought it might be useful to talk about the best rose plants for pots. We stock three main varieties of rose bushes; hybrid tea, floribunda and patio.

As the name suggests, patio roses are specifically bred to be kept in pots and planters on the patio. These small varieties will grow to a maximum height of 50cm, and produce smaller blooms than their full sized counterparts.

However, if you have your heart set on a floribunda or hybrid tea rose bush, you will be pleased to know that it is possible to grow both varieties in a plant pot, as long as you choose one which is nice and deep, at least 35cm. Roses are long rooted plants, so please ensure the root ball does not end up restricted by stunted planters.

Attractive and fragrant citrus trees remain one of our most popular tree gifts for conservatories - not exactly surprising when you consider they can fruit and flower up to four times a year! Much like olive and bay trees, the only way to grow citrus trees successfully in the UK is in pots.