Olive (Olea europaea)

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Natural History: Natives of the warm regions of the Old World, there are about 20 species of tender, leathery-leafed evergreen trees and shrubs in this genus but only a handful will survive life in a mild, British garden

Medicinal Uses:
Not many people will know the olive leaf has been used for the treatment of many viral conditions, including (very topically) Swine Flu, herpes and shingles. The leaves contain a compound called oleuropein which is believed to confer this anti-viral activity. As olive oil, medicinal uses include reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, thanks to the presence of antioxidant, vasodilating and antiplatelet properties.

Ancient Wisdom: Give this tree for Peace and Happiness in the home. Olive oil was the only oil burned in sacred lamps in the ancient temples of Greece and was traditionally used as an anointing oil in sacred healing rituals.

Olive Tree Care & Tips: Plant in fertile, deep and well-drained soil, preferably with the protection of a south or west-facing wall in full sun.

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