Flowers for June - Roses

Flowers for June - Roses

There are specific flowers which are traditionally given as gifts according to the month that a person is born. The Rose is the birth month flower for June, making sending a rose a great gift idea for someone born in June.

Rose Bushes in June

But also did you know that according to the language of the flowers, each flower has a special meaning and can be used to convey messages to the recipient? Apparently this all came about during conservative Victorian times, where messages could be sent through flowers that couldn’t be said out loud. What an innovative way of getting the message across!

Here are a handful of different messages that each rose conveys.

  • Red Roses- "I Love You"
  • White Roses -  "You are Heavenly"
  • Yellow Roses - "I am not worthy of your love"
  • Pink Roses - "Please Believe Me"

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So if you want you can send someone you love a secret message with a Rose Bush this June – and if they are a June baby then even better!

If you like the sound of the Language of the Flowers – you will be interested to know that Kate Middleton used its teachings when selected the trees for her wedding. You can read more about that in our Royal Wedding blog post.