Gardening jobs in June

Round up of the most important Gardening jobs to do this June

Gardening Jobs in June

  • Roses - for large flowered rose blooms, disbudding will some flowers will encourage larger, but fewer, blooms.
  • In very hot or dry weather- Trees may need some help so spray the foliage with water (especially evergreens). This will avoid the crop being spoilt for the year ahead.
  • Be drought conscious – re-use rainwater and bathwater on your trees and plants. Not only is it better for your garden but it is helping the environment (see our drought fears blog on how to save water).
  • Keep the ground around trees and shrubs free of grass and weeds - they will grow better when not competing for food/water.
  • Thin out new shoots on your trees that were pruned in winter. This will help to stimulate new growth.


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And remember the most important (although not gardening job) is to remember to buy your ole’ dad a special father’s day present. Please take a long out our favourite father’s day gifts for 2011.