It’s a Tree Special for the Royal Wedding Tomorrow

And Kate Middleton has gone for all out English country garden theme for the Royal Wedding Ceremony due to be held tomorrow at Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey

Around 4 tons of trees, shrubs and flowers have been ordered and will be installed inside Westminster Abbey to recreate an English country garden. And all the eco-minded folk out there will be pleased to know that Kate has only chosen trees which are seasonal and can be re-planted after the ceremony.

Kate’s idea for the tree theme pays tribute to ‘the language of the flowers’ and she has picked out everything herself. The Hornbeam Trees that she has chosen, in the language of the flowers represent humility and reserve, but the cost of the ceremony might suggest otherwise. Valued at a whopping 50k, the English country garden theme will certainly cost a fair bit.

Even if he’s not impressed by the cost, we’re sure Kate’s gardening theme is bound to impress her soon to be father-in-law Charles, who himself is a rather keen gardener. Charles has even admitted to talking to his plants on occasion (wonder if he ever plays them something from his musical collection? See our blog post about music and trees here).

Gareth Mitchell of Tree2mydoor, had this to say about Kate’s Tree themed Royal Wedding; “I’m really pleased to see the Royals using trees for part of the ceremony in the church. It’s something we are seeing becoming more and more popular for weddings ourselves. It’s a lovely touch to have trees to mark a wedding day in a sustainable way”.

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