Fruits for Wimbledon

Soft Fruits – Wimbledon’s here again!

Strawberries at Wimbledon Strawberries aren't the only fruit for June

Wimbledon is here again yey! Pimms, summer sun (hopefully) and strawberries and cream. What a lovely summer feeling! Time for fruit methinks J

As well as classic strawberries and cream, why not try loads of other delicious fruits with your cream for Wimbledon this year. Stewed apples and cream is wonderful, the bramley apple tree gives brilliant apples for this. For another treat, kiwis are tasty – our kiwi fruit vines are great.

Please have a look at all of our fruit tree gifts and see if anything takes your fancy.

Has Andy got a chance in the tennis? What do you reckon?

Who has got their own Wimbledon traditions?