6 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts over £45

Christmas is here once again and there’s still so much to do. Choosing gifts for all your family and friends is more of a challenge each year, but Tree2mydoor is here to help. We have a wide variety of trees, plants, and rose bushes to choose from, all of them living, lasting, and full of meaning but unique in their own way. 

If you’re looking for something extra special, browse this guide for Christmas Gifts Over £45. You are sure to find something to impress your loved ones.


Unique Christmas Gifts over £45


The Twisted Olive Tree Gift


Twisted Olive Tree Gift

Make a statement with our Twisted Olive Tree Gift. The piece of the Mediterranean is both culinary and ornamental, enriching gardens and patios with exquisite natural style. 

It features a twisted trunk topped with a ball of lush silver-green leaves. As an evergreen, it keeps its leaves no matter the season. Fragrant, white blossom grow every spring, followed soon after by olives. The olives are ripe and ready to be picked every August and are delicious after being cured.

As an enduring symbol of peace, olive trees are fitting gifts for Christmas. 

The Lemon Tree Gift


Lemon Tree Gift

Customers treasure our Lemon Tree Gifts. These delightful evergreen trees bring life and colour to interior spaces. Their evergreen leaves look lush all-year-round and it can grow sweet-scented blossom and bright yellow lemons in any season. 

Nothing is more fulfilling than picking homegrown lemons for slicing and squeezing into drinks and recipes, and their bright yellow colour is a welcome sight in bleak winter months. 



The Large Fig Tree Gift


Fig Fruit

Fig Trees are fitting gifts for Christmas. The famous carol line ‘bring us some figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer’ dates back to the 17th century. 

Our Large Fig Tree has a slender trunk adorned with lush green leaves. Figs grow throughout the summer and ripen from July to August - they can be eaten straight from the tree, turned into jam, or used in cooking and baking. 

Our Fig Trees can be grown outdoors in a large pot or planted into the ground. It will arrive in a pot and gift-wrapped in a hessian bag. It is delivered with a height of 100-125cm (3-5ft) and can grow to around 3m (10ft). 

Wish your friends and family a merry Christmas and send them a fig tree!

The Large Twisted Bay Tree Gift


Our Large Twisted Bay Tree Gift is perfect for lovers of food. This ornamental tree features a gorgeous twisted stem and a ball of glossy green leaves - as an evergreen, it keeps its leaves all-year-round. Customers treasure these leaves as they can be picked and put in recipes to add a rich aromatic flavour. 

This gift can thrive in a pot on the patio, balcony, or driveway, a most welcome sight when returning home. 

Patio Victoria Plum Tree Gift


Patio Victoria Plum Tree

Our Patio Victoria Plum Tree is the juiciest gift for Christmas. Don’t be fooled by its dainty size, it can produce a bounty of delicious plums every year.

It features a slender stem adorned with lush green leaves. Every spring, fragrant blossom announces the start of the growing season. The plums start growing soon after and a ripe and ready to be picked in August - perfect for cooking, baking, and jam-making. 

As the name states, this Plum Tree is perfect for growing in a pot on the patio. 

It is delivered in a 10L pot and beautifully gift-wrapped. 

The Satsuma Tree Gift


Satsuma Tree Gift

Treat friends and family to our Satsuma Tree. This evergreen delight has glossy green leaves all-year-round and can grow blossom and fruit in any season. There’s something so comforting about picking vibrant, sweet-scented fruit in the middle of winter for slicing, squeezing, and juicing. So, give a gift that is living and lasting this Christmas. 

This gift arrives in a small pot in a charming jute bag with a festive red ribbon. 

We can deliver right up until Christmas eve and our next day delivery deadline is 23rd December at 11am. Order before then to avoid disappointment and delight friends and family with unique Christmas Gifts. Don’t forget to add a personalised Christmas card to your order to wish loved ones a Happy Christmas.

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We hope this guide has given you a little Christmas inspiration and that you all have a very Merry Christmas.