Christmas Tree History

We all put up our Christmas trees without a second thought, but where in the world did this tradition come from and what is the history of the Christmas tree?

Well, we’ve put together a little history below for you to find out Christmas Tree History.


What is the History of the Christmas Tree?

Christmas trees have been used for thousands of years by many different cultures and religions, subsequently leading to the Christmas tradition of putting a tree up in our homes.
Evergreen branchesAlso, hanging evergreen branches in front of doors and windows was thought to bring good luck and keep evil witches, spirits and illness away from those who reside within. These trees were traditionally used throughout the wintertime as a reminder to everyone that spring was just around the corner and that come summer everything would be fruitful again. 

December 21st-22nd brings us to the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year. People celebrated this day as it meant the days would start getting longer and warmer each day. 

Many people believed the sun was God and that during winter he was weaker. The winter solstice meant he would start to regain his strength and power. The evergreen shrubs they brought indoors was used as a reminder of the green that was to come.

Ancient Egyptians worshipped a God named Ra who had the head of hawk and wore the sun as a crown. Evergreen palms would be brought indoors to decorate homes and temples to honour him. 

Romans would also mark the winter solstice with a feast known as Saturnalia. This was held annually to celebrate the god of agriculture, Saturn. They would decorate their homes with evergreens and eagerly await their fruitful farmlands once more.

The Vikings used evergreens to honour their sun god, Balder, and the Druids and Ancient Celts used them in their homes as a symbol of everlasting life.

Now onto the actual history of the Christmas Tree itself...

In the Middle Ages, Christmas Eve was known as Adam and Eve day. It was common for large plays to be performed that told the story of creation and the Garden of Eden would be symbolised using a ‘Paradise Tree’ which would be hung with fruit. This was then banned so people would recreate these trees in their homes using pyramids of wood adorned with evergreen branches and sometimes even other candles and ornaments.

This is where the very first tradition of the Christmas tree was thought to have been born and it originated in Germany. These wooden pyramids that were thought to represent the “paradise trees” are very early proof of the first decorated Christmas Tree. Once Germans started settling in Pennsylvania, this tradition would be passed onto America.


The First Decorated Christmas Tree

The first recording of adding lights to a Christmas Tree was in the 16th Century by Martin Luther. He gathered his whole family around as he was mesmerised by the shimmering lights on the beautiful dark evergreen foliage.


Christmas Tree in the UK

Christmas Tree HistoryThe popularity of Queen Victoria in the 19th Century who adopted most of her husband's traditions brought the modern Christmas Tree to the UK. The tradition was so popular that it even spread to the east coast of America who followed British fashion and culture closely. The practice was so popular that it inspired in the 1930s the Rockafella Tree which is still placed in the same spot in New York Time Square today.

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