Oak Trees for Sale

We have a great selection of oak trees for sale. These iconic native trees introduce character and charisma to any garden or suitable space.


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Choosing Your Tree

Oak trees are commonly known as the Father of the woods and are steeped in ancient folklore. Celtic people particularly valued the oak tree and believed it was a symbol of wisdom, strength and endurance. As these trees grow to significant sizes, they're best suited to large gardens and spacious grounds.

Our oak trees add character and personality to any suitable space. Supplied 20-50cm tall, these stunning trees can grow up to 35m. Their majestic appearance will impress everyone who encounters them.

If you want a tree that grows quite quickly, go for the red oak. Not only does it provide beautiful acorns for surrounding wildlife, it also brings a touch of colour to a garden. This tree can grow up to 6m tall, making it appropriate for medium and large gardens.

The English oak also has a charismatic appearance and can live up to 500 years. Ideal for gardens and grounds with plenty of space, this charismatic tree is sure to be a stand-out feature.

We have a range of special trees that are native to the UK, so why not start a collection? For useful tips on how to maintain your tree, see our handy care guide.