Evergreen Trees for Sale

If you want a tree that will give your garden a green glow all year round, you’ll love our range of evergreen trees for sale. We have trees to suit gardens large and small.

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Green Trees All Year Round

As the name suggests, evergreen trees keep their gorgeous green foliage throughout the year. Unlike deciduous trees that lose their leaves in autumn, evergreen varieties remain leafy whatever the season.

You can see why theyre used for hedging to provide privacy or for making the garden feel fresh all year round. They may not be as flashy as flowering trees and shrubs, but they wont leave your garden looking bare in the colder seasons.

Many evergreen varieties are multi-purpose, like our fruit trees. Our lemon, lime and orange trees are great choices, adding a splash of colour to the garden and producing crops of juicy fruits. You can enjoy these fresh treats up to 4 times a year, not to mention appreciate the array of beautiful colours they create.Ideal for small gardens, patios and conservatories, these trees arent too difficult to maintain and will certainly keep you busy.

As well as citrus fruit trees, we also offer bay trees and olive trees for foodies. Add a touch of the Mediterranean to your dishes and with bay leaves and use your olives for salad dressing, tapas and snacks.

Keep your garden green and glowing all year round with an evergreen tree from our range. Shop today and get free delivery when you spend over £50.