Lime Trees for Sale

Want to grow your own zesty fruits to make desserts, snacks and beverages? Our lime trees for sale are ideal for growing in conservatories, porches and bright and airy hallways. We have a range of sizes to suit small and large gardens.

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Lime Trees for Every Garden

Why not introduce a touch of the Mediterranean to your home with a beautiful lime tree? Their distinctive green foliage and pleasing scent make them striking additions to gardens, conservatories and porches all year round. These evergreen trees are grown in Italy and produce fruit up to 4 times a year.

Limes are popular in many Asian and Mediterranean recipes, so theyre ideal for those who love experimenting with exciting new flavours. These zesty little fruits are sweet, low in calories and rich in vitamin C what more could you want? Use them in pies, squeeze them over salads or add them to refreshing gin and tonics.

One of the best features of these trees is that you dont need lots of room to grow them. Our miniature limequat tree is ideal for small indoor spaces you can even keep this on your desk!

If you want to add a unique twist to your conservatory or patio, youll love our classic lime tree. Limes need plenty of sun to thrive and will love a sunny spot in a porch or conservatory.Those who enjoy cooking will relish the tasty fruits produced by our Kaffir tree. We even have a miniature variety for the aspiring chefs out there.

For more information on caring for your tree, see our citrus tree care guide for handy tips and advice. Check out our orange trees and lemon trees too.