Autumn Trees

The seasons are changing and so are the leaves, it’s coming to that time of the year when vibrant greens turn to fiery reds and oranges. Shop our collection of Autumn trees and see which ones will look best in your garden this season.


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Which trees are look their best in Autumn?

Autumn conjures up images of frosty mornings, cosy clothes and fallen leaves. Whether its the change in colours you enjoy or the bountiful harvests that the season brings, we have trees youll fall in love with.

If its the blaze of striking reds and oranges you cant get enough of, japanese maple trees really come alive at this time of the year. With each tree turning its own specific fiery shade its one to stand out from the crowd. They might be small but they pack a punch and theyll definitely breathe life into your garden when things are getting a little bare.

Its harvest time! Now you can have your own personal harvest from the comfort of your home with our fruit and nut trees. Enjoy making sweet treats and jams with fruit from the victoria plum tree or pick perfect ingredients for a delicious waldorf salad from the walnut and apple trees.

Prefer things to stay a little greener in your garden? Why not try an evergreen variety - the leaves never drop or change colour so you can have that summer feeling all year round. You may also find our evergreen trees adding to your harvest. With lime trees and lemon trees producing their fruit up to 4 times a year youll have tasty fruit at your fingertips all year long and a bay tree close to hand means there will always be plenty of flavour in the kitchen.

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