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Japanese Maple Tree Gifts

Send a gift from our range of Japanese Maple Trees. These exceptional ornamental gifts exhibit natural beauty from the Asian continent. Their wide array of leaf colour and shape, as well as their enduring symbolism, make them a joy to give for a variety of occasions. Explore the Japanese Maples we have on offer, you’ll most certainly find the right one.


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Acer Tree Gifts
Popular Occasions
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26 products

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Acer Tree Gifts
Popular Occasions

26 products

Send a Japanese Maple Tree as a Gift

Our Japanese Maple Trees look exceptionally beautiful in autumn. Their already extravagant and moody leaf colours become even richer, offering enchanting display before winter sets in. Browse our Japanese Maple varieties, you are sure to find the right one!

Our Orange Dream Japanese Maple Tree Gift is an enduring symbol of strength, endurance, and fertility. Every autumn, its leaves practically glow with orange and yellow colour, giving any garden a sense of warmth before winter comes. Weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays are all fitting occasions to give this gift.

Give friends or family our purple leaved Garnet Japanese Maple Tree Gift. Its wispy leaves transform from purple to light green to bright red, bringing mood, style, and character to any garden. It thrives in partial shade where its rich colour won’t be scorched.

For occasions related to success, accomplishment, and new beginnings, give our Phoenix Japanese Maple Tree Gift. Its marvelously shaped leaves transition from orange and yellow to green to pink, orange, and red, reminiscent of burning embers and symbolic of the Phoenix.

Japanese Maple Trees are generally slow growing and have a compact form, making them brilliant for small and medium sized gardens or even for potted growth on patios and driveways.

Acer palmatum and Acer japonicum flourish in cool areas with moist, well-drained, and slightly acidic soil and protection from strong winds. It is slow-growing and shrub-like (broader than they are tall), making them ideal for smaller gardens. Full sun can scorch the leaves and spoil their colour, so make sure they are partially shaded in the afternoon. It can be grown in a pot and generally doesn’t need pruning.

Order an Acer Tree now, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. Our high-quality trees are hand-picked by our devoted gardeners on the day of dispatch, beautifully gift-wrapped, and made ready for next day delivery across the UK and Ireland.