Buy a Japanese Maple tree for a gift

Let us present our beautiful range of Japanese Maple Trees. Choose from over 10 Japanese Maple varieties - from peoples names to vivid colours to grow and last in friends and families gardens. We have a selection of weeping and upright Japanese Maples to choose from.

Japanese Maple Trees : Buying Guide

Japanese Maple Trees make perfect gifts because of their delicate colourful leaves and small size, they will offer a lot of enjoyment to your recipient. Each of our Japanese Maple Varieties has its own unique properties, from the shape and size of the leaves to the colour of the leaves and changing colours throughout the year.

Each of our Japanese Maple trees has been organically grown in individual 3 litre pots, using no peat or chemical products which means that our trees are both ethical, eco friendly and naturally healthy and resistant to disease. Our Japanese Maple tree varieties are hardy and are best suited to growing in the UK.

Use our Japanese Maple Buying Guide to help you choose the right tree...

Tree Size

Our Japanese Maple trees range from dwarfing varieties, that will not grow above 5-6ft to trees that will grow up to 12ft. If your recipient has limited space in their garden, choose a tree that will not grow too large. Japanese Maples can be pruned once or twice a year to help improve shape or control height, however dwarf varieties will not normally need pruning.

Tree Planting Location

Most Japanese Maples prefer morning sun and afternoon shade. Planting on the east side of a building or fence will provide the best growing environment for Japanese Maples. If you arent sure about the way your recipients garden faces, we have a little trick that you can check right now... visit Google Maps and type in their postcode, zoom in onto their property and you will see what direction their garden faces. Then pop back onto tree2mydoor and place an order for the right tree gift.

Japanese Maple Types

There are two main types of Japanese Maple available; dissectum (weeping or lace leaf maples) or palmatum (upright or standard maples). The leace leaf dissectum Maples are more delicate than the palmatum upright Maples. Dissectum Maples should not be planted in full sun (south facing) positions.

Japanese Maple Leaf Colour

Choose a Japanese Maple based on leaf colour. There generally are three main colours of leaf available - red, green or variegated. The green leaved varieties prefer sunnier positions than red leaved maples and variegated varieties tend to prefer more shady conditions. Green leaves Japanese Maples normally grow faster and larger than other types.