40th Birthday Presents

Send a tree or plant as a present for an unusual 40th birthday present that will last for years. Check out our tree gifts ideas to send directly to loved ones turning 40 this year.

Unique Presents for 40th Birthdays

Trees and plants are wonderful things to send for a special birthday, make sure you check out our full range to find the perfect gift to send for a 40th.

If your recipient has a decent sized garden, then we think that the oak truffle tree is just a fantastic gift that can be planted out in the garden and will bring years of joy; featuring roots inoculated with truffle spores and gorgeous leaves that turn a stunning shade of red in Autumn.

Alternatively, we have gorgeous olive trees, that will brighten up anyone's day. The stem on our twisted olive tree gift has been nurtured and hand turned to create the elegant shape, perfect for a patio garden or decking the tree will look stunning in an equally stylish pot. Its an evergreen variety so will look good all year round and as it can be kept in a pot it never has to be left behind.

For a spring birthday, the star magnolia is a delight that will create a stunning focal point in the garden with its large white blooms. The tree is a stellata variety and is perfect to send to the star in your life that's turning 40.

If you can't find what you're looking for then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll help you find the perfect unusual birthday gift idea.