Winter Snow: Quick Tree Care Guide

Tree2mydoor Tree Care Guide: Emergency Snow!

As I am sure our customers are aware we have recently been attacked by Mr Winter once again and he has given us a lovely showering of the cold white stuff. With this short blog post, we will give you a few helpful tips to make sure that your Tree Gifts are protected and they will be beautiful when the snow clears.

We are to expect heavy snow over the weekend so bunker down the hatchet, follow these steps and live with the peace of mind that everything will be ok.

Tree Protection.

Tree Protection From Late Winter Snow "Bin Bag Method" Tree Protection


There are many ways that you can protect your trees during severe cold weather. You can purchase a Tree Fleece that can protect your tree during those heavy snow burst. These are all well and good however you have something that is just as good lying around the house.

The common bin bag is ideal to protect your tree against the cold, The main problem is that the water that is in the air freezes on the Tree causing damage, the bin bag provides a little barrier to ensure that the water does not get in.

Remember most trees are dormant at the moment so they dont really need that much light, with this method it is cost effective and easy to do.



Patio and Potted Trees


The same rules apply to these little babies. The "Bin Bag Method" (I quite like the sound of that, please remind me to trademark later) should be used. We have heard from some of our lovely customers that some of the Fruit Trees have in fact started to flower. If your has then the "Bin Bag Method" will make sure that them lovely little flowers are not damaged by the snow. In turn making sure that the fruit will be bountiful in the Summer.

As the Patio and Potted Trees are not planted into the ground now is a good time to place them in a more sheltered spot. If they are in an open space trying moving them next to a wall, placing them in the garage or shed or somewhere with shelter to it.

Remember it is not best to bring them indoors! They will thing spring has arrived and will want to bloom just for you. This would make them sad when placing them outside again into the cold when they got there hopes up for nothing.

Those are our little tips to ensure that your Tree Gifts are prepared for the little Winter Blast we are experiencing.

If our lovely customers need anything please call the office where we will always be happy to help!

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Be good everyone and enjoy making those Snowmen!

Warm hugs.