Mothers Day Garden Gifts

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If your mum’s perfect day sounds like a day pottering around the garden then our Mother’s Day Garden Gifts will be right up her street.

We have a wide selection of trees and plants are perfect for adding colour and vibrancy to the garden, whatever the weather. In March, the garden is still a little bare but the blossom on the trees is starting to show.

Trees are a brilliant gift idea for green-fingered mums on Mothers Day as they are living, lasting and full of meaning. Each year as your gift flourishes in mums garden, she will be reminded of that special day, and just how special she really is.


Send a Living Garden Gift for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Garden Tree Gifts

For large gardens and outdoor spaces, our mothers day trees make wonderful garden gifts for mum. Each tree gift from the range has natural beauty and is a long-lasting symbol of your love. An absolute joy to give and receive.


Tulip Magnolia Tree Gift


Tulip Magnolia Tree Gift

Around Mothers day is when all the blossom on the trees starts to emerge and the garden comes alive once again for spring. This Tulip Magnolia Tree is a truly personal and memorable garden gift.

The large pink blooms will arrive in early spring around Mothers day every year. The unusually early display of flowers is a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day just to say “I love and appreciate everything you do”.


Dwarf Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree Gift


Dwarf Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree

Another beautiful flowering tree is out Dwarf Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree. The gorgeous blossoms on this flowering cherry tree is a symbol of life and all the beauty that surrounds it. A wonderful sentiment in a gift to send to the person who gave you life.

Mum will find peace and happiness in watching the frilly pink and white blossom emerge before it falls like confetti. The dazzling spring show put on by this tree every year is something mum will treasure in her garden.


Copper Beech Tree Gift


Copper Beech Tree Gift

Mum is sure to love a unique tree gift such as this. Our Copper Beech Tree Gift is distinguished in appearance featuring grey bark and deep burgundy leaves which bronze in the autumn.

In Celtic folklore, the beech tree was known as the Mother of the woods and she is said to stand tall with her oak king. Send to mum to plant as a growing reminder of your love and we promise you she will never forget it.


Mothers Day Garden Plant Gifts

Not every mum will have space for a larger tree but not to worry, we haven't forgotten about you. If the garden your mum tends is a little on the smaller side or she’s got a nice space on the patio to fill then something from our mothers day plants will be well suited.


Pink Blueberry Plant Gift


Pink Blueberry Plant Gift

Is mum both a whizz in the garden and the kitchen? Get her a gift to fulfil both hobbies. Our Pink Blueberry Plant Gift is truly unique and produces bright pink berries that taste just like pink lemonade!

Our Pink Blueberry Gift will love to be planted in a large pot and makes a beautiful addition to a patio, decking or doorstep. Once mum has nurtured the plant throughout the year she will be delighted to pick the sweet berries shes worked hard to grow.


Special Mum Rose Bush Gift


Special Mum Rose Bush Gift

Our Special Mum Rose Bush Gift is basically an everlasting bunch of roses for mums garden. Upon delivery, mum will open the box to find a beautifully hand gift wrapped rose bush which she can place straight outside to be enjoyed.

A couple of short weeks after Mothers day, buds and leaves will begin to appear on the plant before blooming all summer long. The vibrant pink roses attracting birds, butterflies and bees to the garden. The gift is in the name and mum will know how special you think she is, cherishing this gift for a lifetime.


Now you’ve filled your mums garden with trees and plants, she’s going to need to some tools to get them planted and maybe even something to keep her warm in the brisk early spring weather. Pair the tree and plant of your choice with our Personalised Garden Hand Tools Set and Personalised Head Gardener Fleece for a full Mother’s Day Garden Gift experience.

For more ideas and unique Mother’s day gifts, head over to our website. Our gifts are all hand selected on the day of dispatch and hand gift wrapped by our devoted gardeners. Simply add to basket, personalise a greetings card and choose a nominated day for delivery. We’ll handle the rest!

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