Valentines Poetry Competition Announcement

Well, the Tree2mydoor Valentines competition has a time-honoured tradition of producing some of the finest poetry on the internet. All of the lovely people who enter this amazing annual event have the change of winning £100 of fabulous gift vouchers!! Just imagine what you could buy with them?! Also if you order anything over £50 you get free delivery! How amazing is that?

Gifts chosen in the past have ranged massively from Lemon Trees, Plum Trees or Bay Trees. The £100 gift vouchers will let you go wild on Tree2mydoor.

Remember the Tree2mydoor Valentines Poetry Competition opens at Noon on Friday 31st January 2014!!

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Previous poetry competition winners 

We have had some amazing winners in the past who come up with some great poetry. Remember it doesn't always have to be serious, we do enjoy a bit of tongue in cheek humour. There is nothing more British than a bit of a carry on after all.

All the entrants will be posted on the Valentines Competitions so you can see all the great work that people have done so far and to make it even more interesting it is YOU who decides the winner!

Take a look at some of the crowning glories from years gone by....

"Last years winner was Laura Newbould Jones! Take a peak at the winning entry! 

The world is my fish finger; meat balls the spice of life,
Certainly food for thought, soon becoming your wife.
Love is my vitamin, my fruit and my veg,
Snuggies are my coco-pops; cuddles my potato wedge.
Life is like a banquet, on which to feast and gorge,
The food of love is plenty, and in this relationship we forge.
Trusting like a Sunday roast,
As comfy as hot buttered toast.
Happiness like strawberries and cream,
Lemon meringue...we’re living the dream.
If long life is the key,
Then I want my milk to be UHT.
Add zest like lemon and twist like lime,
There our ingredients- it will last over-thyme.
Like roasting chestnuts by the open fire,
Like hot soup on a winter’s day,
Sweet and fluffy like a bar of milkyway.
Preheat the oven... turn up the heat,
Let’s cook up a relationship that’s good enough to eat." 

If you wish to see all the entries and winners of the past few years to gain some inspiration then click here!

How to enter

Entering is simple, its the poem that is the hard bit. All you have to do is submit your entry to with your full name and address details. We will do the rest.

Just remember the poem should be under 150 words and be submitted but Noon Friday 14th February 2014.

For full details please visit the Tree2mydoor Valentines Day Competition Page.

Contact us

If you need any help with entering our competition then all you have to do is email us at and we will be happy to help. We love to see all your entries come in year after year. 

Good Luck everyone!