Valentines Day Poetry Competition 2016 - Read Previous Entries

Valentines Day Poetry Competition

This year we're really feeling the love! After a bit of a hiatus, we have decided to run our popular Valentines Day Poetry competition for Valentines Day 2016.

To enter the Valentines Day Poetry Competition, all you need to do is channel your inner bard, and send us a Valentines poem that you have penned (yourself we might add) by 12 pm on Friday 12th February 2016.

If you're a bit of an old romantic, you can woo us with something heartfelt, or if comedy's more your thing, crack us up with your wit. Either way, the best poet will win a £100 gift voucher to spend on any of the trees, roses or other garden gifts available at Tree2mydoor.

Find out more information about the Valentines Day Poetry Competition 2016 head here.

To get you in the competitive spirit, here are some examples of winning poems from previous years:


The 2013 Valentines Day Poetry Competition Winner

The food of love.

The world is my fish finger; meat balls the spice of life,
Certainly food for thought, soon becoming your wife.
Love is my vitamin, my fruit and my veg,
Snuggies are my coco-pops; cuddles my potato wedge.
Life is like a banquet, on which to feast and gorge,
The food of love is plenty, and in this relationship we forge.
Trusting like a Sunday roast,
As comfy as hot buttered toast.
Happiness like strawberries and cream,
Lemon meringue...we’re living the dream.
If long life is the key,
Then I want my milk to be UHT.
Add zest like lemon and twist like lime,
There our ingredients- it will last over-thyme.
Like roasting chestnuts by the open fire,
Like hot soup on a winter’s day,
Sweet and fluffy like a bar of milkyway.
Preheat the oven... turn up the heat,
Let’s cook up a relationship that’s good enough to eat.
Laura Newbould-Jones

Read what Laura (aka 2013 poetry wizard) thinks about winning here, in the winners story.


2010 Valentines Day Poetry Competition Entry

Passion killer

Don’t wear that old nylon nightie

It’s really not turning me on

When you turn around in bed

The sparks hit me head

And bingo my passion is gone

Wear the one I bought you last valentines

The one with the ribbons and ties

Oh, please wear the one that I bought you

It might help my passion to rise

Well you can’t blame a bloke for complaining

I put up with curlers and sock

But I must draw the line

Because I’m not feeling fine

Laying next to a nightie that shocks.

Michael Deparis


2007 Valentines Day Poetry Competition Entry

Tree of Love

Our love is like a sapling
It starts so weak and small
But with tender care and watering
It shoots up through the soil

Through night and day the sapling grows
and now we are a tree
not only that what we have achieved
our saplings now add up to three

Seasons come and seasons go
but still we stand here strong
Healthy roots that's what we have
That and the manure we are standing on!

Kim Holgate, Norfolk

Remember, even if you don't win first prize, a whopping 50 runners up will receive a 50% refund on Valentine's purchases! So make sure you choose your special someone a gift they will love for Valentines Day 2016 from our fantastic range of Valentines Day roses and Valentine's gifts.

If you need a little more inspiration, we will be sharing a Valentines Gift Guide closer to the time, with our picks for the best gifts to send for Valentines Day 2016.