Mother's Day Gifts for Fussy Mums!

Mother's Day Gifts by Post

Buying Mother's Day gifts is anything but straightforward! However, if you do think that every now and again, your Mum can be just a little bit difficult to buy for, we may be able to help.

We find that lots of our customers don't get to see their Mum on Mother's Day, and so sending one of our unusual Mother's Day gifts by post is the perfect solution.

We have developed a range of gorgeous Mother's Day gifts with great appeal to all kinds of Mums (yes that's right, even the fussy ones). These are luxury gifts with true longevity, that will put a smile on your mum's face for years to come. All of our Mother's Day gifts can be delivered by post right up until the Friday before Mother's Day. They include free gift wrapping, and you can also add a free Mum card for a personal message.


Extraordinary Gifts for Fussy Mums

The Blueberry Plant Gift

A compact fruiting gift delivered in a gift wrapped 3L pot. Perfect for a sunny spot on the patio. Mum can expect spring blooms in around 3-4 weeks and fruits from mid to late July.Blueberry Plant Gift

This has been a Mother's Day best seller for over 5 years, and it's not difficult to see why! The blueberry varieties we supply are considered some of the best producing large crops of sweet berries each year. As an added bonus, the plant will grow interesting cream coloured blossoms throughout spring before they set and develop into the delicious fruits we all know and love.

Blueberries are a super food and make the best gift for mums who love spending time creating delicious healthy dishes and being outdoors in all seasons.


Mum in a Million Rose Bush Gift

A fragrant floribunda rose bush delivered in a gift wrapped pot. Beautiful blooms expected from 8-10 weeks after Mother’s Day.

What Mum wouldn't be thrilled to be told that they're one in a million this Mother's Day? It’s so easy; all you need to do is send your Mum in a Million Rose Bush!Mum in a Million Rose Bush This is a great alternative to cut flowers, one that will grow back year after year, reminding your mum how much you love her. The Mum in a Million Rose is a floribunda type (meaning many flowers). It is a highly scented rose which smells incredible, meaning you're guaranteed to come up smelling of roses! This perfect gift for a mum with classic taste.



The Lemon Tree Gift

A potted evergreen citrus tree delivered in a 5L pot, ideal for growing in an unheated conservatory. Expect big things with flowers blossoming and fruit ripening up to 4 times a year.

The Lemon Tree is our signature gift. Why? Because Lemon Trees have suchlemon tree gift a wide appeal; we always hear how much everyone loves the Lemon tree they've been given! It is for exactly this reason that the Lemon Tree is the perfect gift for all those fussy mums out there.

Citrus trees are evergreen; which means they look smart all year round. They can flower and fruit up to four times a year, providing a great source of home-grown lemons. I can’t think of a better gift for the Mum who is difficult to please!


The Twisted Olive Tree Gift - From £44.99

A delightful, low maintenance tree delivered in a gift wrapped in a pot. A plant of peace and friendship, the leaves remain green year round which is perfect for an early spring garden. Twisted Bay Tree Gift

If you’ve been looking for a Mother’s day gift to bring a bit of sunshine into your Mum’s life, look no further. Olive trees are famed all over the world for their gorgeous silvery green foliage as well as the delicious olives they produce. 

Perfect for a foodie mum who loves whipping up a good meal in the kitchen.



Well, that's our round-up of Mother's Day gifts to make even the most difficult of Mother's smile. Visit our Mother's Day Gifts now to place your order and let us take care of the rest!

Happy Mother's Day to all those well deserving Mums out there!