Father’s Day Gifts Delivered

With Father’s Day looming around the corner, what better than a blog post with a low down of our top gifts for fathers day. Get unique and meaningful Father’s Day Gifts delivered from Tree2mydoor and forget your usual run of the mill gifts this year. 

Getting fathers day gifts delivered is perfect if you don’t get to see dad this year. You can still make his day special and let him know you’re thinking about him. Even though we might be a little biased, we believe that trees and plants make the best fathers day gifts. Whether your dad loves spending time out in the garden or is the least green-fingered person you know, you’ll find something in our collection that dad will cherish for life.


Top Tree2mydoor Fathers Day Gifts by Post

Find the perfect gifts for dad that can be delivered right to his door just before the big day. Our unique father's day gifts are guaranteed to make dad beam with happiness for many years to come. We used a premium courier service to deliver all of our gifts so you can rest easy knowing that it will arrive right on time.


The Father’s Day Oak Tree Gift


Father's Day Oak Tree Delivered

Our Father's Day Oak Tree Gift is the perfect tree gift to get delivered to dad on his special day. The oak was often known to the ancient Celts as the “Father of the Woods” making it very fitting for the occasion. Dad will be delighted when he can plant his very own oak tree and watch it grow over the years.

The sapling will be delivered at around 30-50cm in height, gift wrapped in a small hessian bag with a native tree care guide included. The sapling can be put out in the garden straight away, ready for planting. A large pot will be perfect to accommodate the growth over the next 10 years.

We have lots of Father’s Day Trees available for delivery right now, go and see the full collection on our site.


The Orange Tree Gift


Orange Tree Gift Delivered

If you fancy something a little smaller than the mighty oak and a bit more fruity, then the orange tree would make an excellent gift to be delivered for father’s day. This citrus tree will produce beautifully scented blossom and orange fruit up to four times a year... great for a cheeky cocktail or a refreshing glass of juice.

Our Orange Tree Gift will arrive in a 5L pot that is all wrapped up just like a gift should be. On arrival, it can be taken from the box and placed in a bright, sunny conservatory, hallway or porch, away from any central heating. Citrus varieties require a little more care than other trees but it’s nothing that a dad can’t handle.


The Sunshine in a Bag


Sunshine in a Bag Delivered

Brighten up his day with a gift delivery of our Sunshine in a Bag seed bag. It’s packed full of bright yellow, high-quality native wildflower seeds. They can be sown across the garden covering an area of 10sq m and they can be planted throughout the autumn.

Just like the roses, these wildflowers will provide the garden with an everlasting bunch of flowers. These are a fantastic gift idea if your dad isn’t that talented in the gardening department and doesn’t have a lot of space around the garden. Beautiful, compact and easy to look after? What more could you want this Father’s day?


The Red Grapevine Gift


Red Grape Vine Delivered

If your dad is into his food and drinks and loves a glass of red wine then the red grapevine is the perfect father's day gift for him. You can think of it as a ‘make your own wine gift’.

Our red grapevine is a Brandt variety that produces lots of dark red grapes. While they aren’t that sweet to eat from the vine, they are popular for winemaking so dad can try his hand and make his own.

A small climbing plant delivered in a 3L pot. This compact fruity gift won’t take up too much space or time. Planted on a south-facing wall against a frame or trellis and the vine will thrive.


Want to get a plant delivered to dad but aren’t sure which one? We have a wide range of Father’s Day Plants to choose from, go and check them out and you’re sure to find just what you need!


The Twisted Olive Tree Gift


Twisted Olive Tree Gift Delivered

Our twisted olive tree is ready for delivery right away and is an ancient Greek symbol of peace and friendship. Its twisted trunk and neat foliage will bring style and tranquillity to dads, patio, or driveway.

Our olive trees are the Olea europaea variety which is hardy in UK climates and easy to care for. Our twisted olive trees are carefully hand-selected and gift-wrapped before delivery taking all the fuss out of fathers day shopping.


Every dad deserves a gift that is just as special as he is, whether that’s a tree, a plant or one of our Father’s Day Roses. All of our gifts are of guaranteed quality, lasting for years and bringing a lifetime of enjoyment in the garden.

Get fast UK delivery on our unique range of father's day gifts. When you place an order one of our devoted gardeners will select a tree or plant from our nursery and hand gift wrap it on the day of dispatch.