Houseplants as Gifts

Houseplant Appreciation Day

Houseplants make incredible gifts, these indoor wonders bring colour and vibrancy to homes. Ideal for bedrooms and kitchens, find out which houseplant is best for you!


Why should I send as houseplant gift?

Houseplants bring some much needed greenery indoors and have been known to have benefits such as increased happiness, increased concentration and productivity and even improved mental health. You can learn all about the benefits of houseplants on our blog.

Gardening, whether it’s indoor or out, has proved to be calming and therapeutic. A great way to lift the mood when we’re feeling down. (Plus it’s fun!)

There are a wide variety of houseplants available, each one with different care needs so even if you’re a beginner you will find something to suit you perfectly. Our range includes plants like the easy care parlour palm and yucca plant, or the interesting pineapple plant and swiss cheese plant.


  1. First start by making sure you have a houseplant to celebrate with…
  2. If you already have plants, that’s great. If not, head out and buy a new houseplant.. Or you could even borrow one from a friend for a few hours.
  3. Tend to your plant ensuring it is well watered, in the correct location with a nice level of humidity. Buy your plants a nice fertiliser ready for the spring when they start growing.
  4. Talk, sing or listen to music with your plants (they enjoy the company) and breathe in the fresh oxygen they release from their foliage.
  5. Name your plants and introduce them to your friends, that way when you talk about them they know exactly which one you mean.
  6. Dress them up - buy some fancy new pots and dress them in all bright colours and patterns.. Or if you’re feeling creative you could even try painting your own.
  7. Gift a houseplant to a friend or family member! Let them know all the things there are to celebrate about plants in the home and all the benefits they bring along with them.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and had fun celebrating plants with us! If you want to give a loved one a houseplant gift just place an order on our website and our green fingered team will hand select a plant and gift wrap it ready for delivery.