Natural cold and flu remedies to help you this January

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Natural cold and flu remedies to help you detox this January

January is always a time when people are thinking about getting on with New Year’s resolutions and perhaps cleansing the body after too much Christmas excess. Since health is a thing on the tip of nearly everyone’s tongue at this time of year we thought it would be a nice idea to do a light-hearted blog based on natural cold and flue remedies to combat some of the common January ailments.

Remedies for colds and flu’s

Eurgh... nothing worse than a cold in January, you’ve made it through Christmas and New Years at least, but still none could be more annoying. Everyone knows that oranges contain loads of vitamin C but so do all citrus fruits.

Get yourself some vitamins to fight the colds and flu’s hanging around at this time of year. Our Lemon trees, Orange trees and Lime trees grow delicious fruits and are all great and at this time of year should still be fruiting.

Remedies for coughs and tickles

Scratchy, annoying and usually the first signs of getting a cold, soothe your tender throat by making yourself a wonderful hot honey and lemon and ginger drink.

Natural remedies for cold and flu A lovely hot cup of organic honey and lemon to soothe your cough this January

How to make a soothing honey and lemon drink for a cough:

  • Boil up a cup amount of water
  • Add in a dessert spoon of organic honey
  • Cut 2-3 slices of lemon, picked straight from your own lemon tree ;-)
  • Add 2-3 thin slices of root ginger
  • Stir well and start sipping!

Help your headaches

Sort out your headaches with Bay Leaf Tea. Apparently, Bay leaves have certain properties in them that have made them useful as a natural remedy for headaches for thousands of years.

How to make Bay leaf tea:

  • Pick 8-10 bay leaves from your bay tree
  • Add them to a pan of water and bring to the boil
  • Once the water turns a light pinkish colour it is ready
  • Add sugar to taste if you wish
  • Pour the water through a sieve into a cup
  • Start sipping and lose that headache.

Alternatively, you can use dried bay leaves in a strainer to make a headache remedy.

If you are interested, check out our bay trees and grow your own bay leaves.

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