Harvest Heroes 2014!

After several years of poor harvests, finally things seem to be on the up! The UK has already experienced an exceptional yield this year, exceeding even our farmers expectations. Many crops have been gathered in an entire month earlier than last year, owing no small amount to the extended run of beautiful weather we have been experiencing - the only real blip being the August Bank holiday weekend (of course).
The bumper harvest isn't just limited to commercial growers. Everything from mushrooms to nuts have exploded in the greener parts of the country, and I’m sure that many people with allotments and veg patches have more marrows than they know what to do with!
So here is our rundown of the top five Tree2mydoor harvest heroes:

The UK is renown for its apples and this year has been bountiful. Although commercial growers have suffered with mildew, that shouldn't affect the home grower in the same way; It just means your might see more apple russeting than usual. Never fear, they’ll taste delish when you stick ‘em in a pie!

Slightly unexpected. Although grapes are not a traditional crop for us, this year’s warm, dry conditions have been ideal for growing vines. Winemakers from across the UK are foreseeing the best vintage in years; no doubt that this will only improve Britain's status as a promising New World producer.

My favourite autumn berry, this fruit is so quintessentially British! Unlike lots of other crops, blackberries are actually going to be ripe and ready later than usual this year, but is still set to be a bumper crop. Make the most of this delicious fruit that can be found everywhere from hedgerows and woodland to unused plots in urban areas by making it into beautiful jam. That way you can have it on your toast all through winter.

Sloe Berries
A classic autumnal crop, and late autumn at that, this year Blackthorn tree’s have been groaning with fruit as early as August. There is not a great deal of variety when it comes to using sloes, but don't let that stop you. You’ll thank me at Christmas, when you can give out bottles of home-made sloe gin as a thoughtful gift (or perhaps more realistically, when you've had a few too many sloe gin cocktails on New Year Eve).

And the top spot goes to….

With phrases such as “ greatest cherry harvest ever” (The Daily Mail) being bandied around, you know it has to be good! Is it just me, or is this the perfect time to send someone you love a cherry tree? Who knows, next years crop might be even better than this one...

Cherry tree I reckon the acceptance speech will be short and sweet...

Keep an eye out for our next harvest recipe later in the week. And keep on eating all that gorgeous British produce!