Top 5 Gardening jobs to do in July

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Top 5 Gardening jobs to do in July

1. Water your plants: It’s July and it’s getting into full summer, if they don’t get enough water they might get a dark edge around the leaves, suggesting a lack of watering (see pic). Always remember to keep your trees and plants watered when it’s hot, but be careful not too over water too. Have a look at our previous blog post about recycling water for your trees.

Conference Pear Leaves Needing Water Pear Leaves in need of water

2. Treat Apple Scab: Apple scab is a disease that is caused by a fungus spores in the air. It looks like little green spots or blotches on the fruit of your apple (see photograph). It’s a disease that apples and one or two other tree species are susceptible too. You don’t need to worry; it’s not dangerous and won’t ruin your tree or stop you enjoying your apples. Still, it’s a good idea to remove infected stems by pruning, because it will reduce the amount of fungus able to spread next year.

How to treat apple scab: You can treat apple scab with chemicals, but this would not be our preferred method. The best way is to prune the apples showing signs of apple scab, you can also burn the fallen leaves of the apple tree to reduce the chance of infection next year.

Apple Scab Apples with a slight bit of apple scab

Your apples will be happy as larry...

3. Look after your Roses: remove dead blooms to make room for new. Aphids are also quite active at this time of year so make sure you check your roses to see if there are no aphids to get rid of. Take a look at our how to get rid of garden pests blog to find out how to make a natural insecticide that you can use to get rid of aphids.

4. Boring jobs: You’ve been putting it off all spring, and there was no chance of getting out and doing it in winter, but now it’s summer and there is no excuse not to paint the garden fence. Seriously, july/august is probably our best bet for getting a decent dry spell so we can get out and paint fences, fix things, tie things back, clear out the shed... Whilst it sounds a bit boring, doing it now will free up even more time to collect and enjoy all those lovely fruits in August :)

5. Put conservatory plants outside: with the weather getting nicer, you will be able to put your conservatory trees, like the Lemon tree and orange tree outside at the moment. Just make sure that they don’t get overwatered with all that rain that we may get.

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