Drought Fears - watering trees

How saving water can help save your trees

Despite some parts of Britain receiving showers, this Saturday (4th June) just gone has been the hottest of the year and it could signal the start of a heat wave. Experts warn that this summer could be a bit of a dry one and we might see local councils put on hose pipe bans. In short – not enough water could be bad news for our trees and plants.

In light of this, we thought it would be good to look into ways in which we as gardeners can save water and not rely on tap water for our plants, trees and shrubs.

Collecting rainwater-

Conserve water from drainpipesWhilst collecting rainwater for your garden seems like a great idea; it makes great sense for the environment, will help you save a few pennies and it may actually help your garden - a surprisingly small number of gardeners collect and use rainwater for their gardens.

With potential droughts ahead this summer, it will pay to collect rainwater whenever available. The best way of collecting rainwater is to simply place a water tight container at the bottom of your gutter system. When it rains, the water from your roof will flow through the gutter and collect in your container barrel.

Benefits of Rainwater: Some scientists also suggest that rainwater is much better for your garden than tap water. Tap water frequently contains chemicals used to treat the water to make it safe for drinking – these can have a negative effect on the PH balance and make it hard to grow certain types of plants.

You can even use soap water: Go green using the grey – water that is. Grey water from your bath or that you have collected in the sink can be used for water plants, shrubs and trees. Natural and gentle soaps are not bad for your plants and can even help to get rid of some bug problems. E.g. a squirt of water with a little natural soap will help get rid of greenfly on your roses.

Another tip to save water: next time you have a shower, plug the bath hole and then you can collect all the water to water your trees and plants


Run down on how to save water for your garden

  • Save bathwater and dishwater to water your silver birch tree.
  • Invest in a water tank and collect all that free rainwater that falls onto your roof.
  • Put a plug in it whilst having a shower – use the water on your roses.
  • Let that tea go cold? No problem, instead of pouring it down the sink, give your garden a drink.