4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

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4th anniversary gift ideas


4th Wedding Anniversary Greetings Card The front of our quirky 4th Wedding Anniversary greetings card


It’s traditional to send fruit for a 4th wedding anniversary gift, much better we hope you will agree, than the modern convention of giving appliances to your other half!

We’ve got a great range of fruit trees for a special 4th anniversary presents available to order for next day delivery to a UK mainland address. Many of our fruit trees will have fruit growing on them at this time of the year - give us a call for buying advice on 0161 870 6368.

As it’s wedding season at the moment and carrying on from previous blogs on 25th anniversary gifts and 50th anniversary gift ideas, here’s a selection of our favourite gifts for a 4th wedding anniversary that will grow along with you and your partner.

Lemon Tree Lemon Tree Gifts are very popular & can fruit up to 4 times a year
  1. if your buying for your partner, or a couple you know who like making themselves a little freshly squeezed juice, then we have some lovely orange trees that would work a treat. Our lovely orange trees produce fruit up to four times a year, an orange tree is like a little orange factory for the married couple.
  2. Buy an apple tree and you can enjoy your own apple harvest every year. Top tip, if you send an apple tree to your friends for their 4th wedding anniversary, you will probably be reaping the rewards with a lovely fruit basket bestowed upon you year on year :) we’ve got quite a few apples that would suit depending on the couple's tastes.
  3. Get a lemon tree, if your friends or partner are celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary and you need to find a unique present. Especially if your friends like a nice cocktail, lemons fresh from their very own Lemon Tree would make them swoon.
  4. An Olive Tree Gift would be a lovely surprise for a 4th anniversary gift; the olive tree is known as the ‘tree of peace’ what a lovely message to send to a couple. Olive trees are also in fact rather hardy and can live in our climate, also ideal for those with patio or decking.

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