Dwarf Crimson Bonfire Peach Tree Competition Winner

Dwarf Crimson Bonfire Peach Tree August Competition Winner

As our August competition closes we are delighted to announce our latest winner of this month's amazing prize of a Dwarf Crimson Bonfire Peach Tree. The winner for this month is the one and only Debbie Baker!!

The Crimson Bonfire Peach Tree is the newest little baby in the Tree2mydoor nursery. We decided to celebrate by giving one of our lovely customers the chance to win one for themselves.

Crimson Bonfire Peach Tree



The Crimson Bonfire Peach Tree is very special, with its deep purple leaves and also purple fruit it looks just beautiful. It really is the beauty queen of the peach trees and will make sure Debbie has all the peaches she can eat for ever and ever.



The Winners Story.

We did ask Debbie some simple questions after she won her tree just to make sure it went to a good home (which of course it did), why don’t you take a quick peek at what Debbie had to say about winning the Tree2mydoor competition.

What made you enter the Tree2mydoor Competition?

“Love Tree2mydoor as its a fabulous site and company and fantastic people who work there and run it. I entered the competition as I love all things growing and i have always wanted a peach tree!! So I thought I would try my luck never thinking I would win!!!” (We Love you too Debbie :D)

What are you most excited about receiving you tree?

I am very excited for when the 1st flowers bloom and then the peaches come!!! As my two children would rather get a carrot out of the fridge instead of chocolate, lol they are looking forward to picking the fruit themselves also!”

What Products do you love on the Tree2mydoor website apart from the one have one?

I love all the gardening products, also the advice given and the excellent customer service, as I have used Tree2mydoor to buy my mum a walnut tree a couple of years ago which is doing really well.

How do you feel being announced as the winner?

Over the moon!! like I said earlier i never thought I would win!! I can't wait to receive it :)

What advice would you give to people who will enter the next competition?

I would say GO FOR IT!! you never know :) :) :) x

Dwarf Crimson Bonfire Peach Tree Gift Dwarf Crimson Bonfire Peach Tree

We are very pleased that Debbie loves her new gift and that it has also gone to a good home. She has promised to send us some pictures when the tree is in her garden so what this space.

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Happy planting everyone!!

Lots of love,

Tree2mydoor :D