December MyTree Story 2019

Our featured customer for the December MyTree story is our lovely customer, Anne. She ordered her husband a Pair of Small Olive Trees back in 2018 to celebrate his very special 60th birthday. Anne chose an olive tree for her husband as he already had one out in the garden and she wanted to buy him another one to match.

Olive trees are perfect gifts to send during the month of December as they are evergreen and mostly hardy in our UK climate. They can be grown in pots on the patio to be enjoyed year-round bringing greenery to the barest winter garden.

Anne had started her search locally but was not satisfied with what she found in the shops and garden centres. She turned to look online instead and soon came across our website. She had originally ordered our Standard Olive Tree Gift but the large volume of orders that week meant the stock had flown out the door. We immediately got in touch with her and offered an exchange of the two smaller trees which she was delighted with (and felt like she got herself a better deal.)

Pair of Olive Tree Gifts

Once the order had been placed Anne loved the fact that she could keep the trees a secret up until the point of delivery - this way she didn’t have to hide the gift and risk him finding it early. Upon opening the box she said the trees looked absolutely lovely and appreciated the hessian gift wrap.

For the past year, both olive trees have been happily growing out in the garden and Anne says that the pair look lovely together. She repotted them into beautiful turquoise pots and one of the trees even started to produce olives!

If you’ve got friends and family celebrating this month and you’ve been looking for a unique birthday present then look no further. Our olive tree gifts are long-lasting and steeped in symbolism. This plant of peace is perfect for milestone birthdays, anniversaries and even as unique Christmas gifts.

Plus, if their trees start to produce some olives you’ll be the first asked to sample the cuisine!

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Anne left us this lovely review on

“Two smaller olive trees arrived as promised on the day with prior notice as to time which was good. The standard olive tree we ordered wasn’t available but we received two slightly smaller ones for the same price which was a good offer. Attractively presented in hessian plant pot covers. Thank you!”