Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa)

Blackthorn Tree Gift

Natural History: A British native, which grows abundantly in hedgerows, thickets and on waste ground, this is a small tree which grows to a height of around 13ft. The black, thorn-studded twigs carry alternate winter buds that are oval and purplish-black or red in colour. In April, Blackthorn produces clouds of white blossom which are followed by the leaves. The fruits, known as sloes, ripen slowly throughout the year and only sweeten after the first frosts.

Medicinal Uses:
Blackthorn flowers are used in remedies for respiratory tract infections, including the common cold. The berries are used for mouth rinses and can help reduce the symptoms of a mild throat infection.

Ancient Wisdom: Send a Blackthorn tree as a Blessing; in ancient times, people in the North of England gathered on January 1st to burn blackthorn and bless their apple trees, scattering the ashes on the fields to bless them too.

Blackthorn Tree Care & Tips: Handle with care! The spikes can inflict a nasty wound if you don’t keep a respectful distance.

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