Rowan Trees for Sale

Known as the ‘Tree of Life’ in ancient folklore, Rowan trees have a fascinating history. They’re also beautiful trees that make a great addition to gardens.

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Native Trees for Your Garden

In many ancient European cultures, Rowan trees were thought to protect from witches, evil spirits and negative enchantments. Today, they're still widely used in schools, rural areas and gardens and can live up to 200 years. They're also commonly known as Mountain Ash trees due to their similar appearance to common ash trees.

These native trees are easy to grow and maintain throughout the UK and can tolerate various soil conditions, but thrive in well-drained soils and sunny spots. A striking feature in any garden or outside space, Rowans grow distinctively shaped leaves which provide an array of beautiful colours throughout the year.

If you're looking for a tree that's not just ornamental, Rowans also produce crops of edible berries which can be enjoyed by both humans and animals. You can make them into flavourful jams and jellies, or leave them for local birds to savour.

We have a range of native trees, which includes oak, beech and silver birch trees. If you need information on caring for native trees, our care guide has plenty of advice on watering, mulching and pruning your tree.

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