Rowan Tree Gifts

Commonly referred to as Mountain Ash, these are one of the smaller UK native trees and are known as the “tree of life”. They were often planted near people's houses as it was believed the red berries would ward off witches and evil spirits. Send stunning rowan tree gifts from Tree2mydoor.

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Growing Your Tree

A fast-growing deciduous variety, these make great gifts for those who have medium-sized gardens. They're dispatched as small saplings and will grow into a compact slender tree that doesn't take up too much room.

In Spring the tree will produce sweet-smelling clusters of cream flowers that will attract plenty of bees and butterflies. Closely following in Summer are the gorgeous fiery red coloured berries. Eaten straight off the tree the berries have a bitter flavour. Sweeten them and they can be made into delicious jellies, jams and pies and are a great source of vitamin C.

The tree has delicate leaves that closely resemble the shape of a feather. They turn a wonderful shade of orange in the Autumn. The mix of red berries and orange leaves will set the garden alight through September and October.

Rowan varieties are probably our most popular baby gifts. They make a wonderful addition to the welcome to the world pack and as the child grows they can watch the tree flourish with them, a beautiful reminder from the day they were born.

If you'd like to read some more about the Rowan variety, check out our tree information page here.

All of our trees are packed up with care on the day of dispatch to ensure the tree arrives in the best condition. Add a personalised greetings card to make your tree gift truly unique.