Medium Light Plants

Browse our range of Medium Light Plants. Partly sunny and partly shaded rooms in your home can be transformed into urban jungles with these plants. Each one has a unique exotic appearance but all of them are brilliant for well being, happily cleaning the air you breathe all while looking beautiful. Rest assured, you won’t regret getting these easy to grow plants.

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Medium Light Plants

Decorate lightly shaded spaces with our Medium Light Plants. These Indoor Plants offer the perfect balance of exotic and modern style, enriching homes with natural beauty and clean air.

Our Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant arrives in trendy white pot. Its lush leaves are stacked in intriguing shapes and patterns. Simply place it in a spot with bright indirect light, watch it grow, and breathe the clean air it produces.

Our large Yucca Plant is a piece of the Mexican desert for your home. It has a rough, brown trunk topped with green, sword-shaped leaves. This evergreen plant looks brilliant all year-round and is quite content in medium light levels.

Generally, our Medium Light Plants are easy to grow. Place them in an unheated room as central heating spoils humidity and causes damaging temperature spikes. Let the top 1 inch of soil dry out between waterings and make sure it's well drained.

Browse our Low Light Plants and Bright Light Plants for plants with different light needs. Don’t forget to add a personalised card if you’re sending it as a gift and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the rest.