Large House Plants

Liven up a loved one’s home with a large living gift from our Large House Plants range. Each pleasant plant has a striking presence for decorating large interior spaces. They have a perfect blend of tropical and contemporary style and even purify the air of toxins, making life at home refreshing and improving your well-being.

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Give a Large House Plant as a Gift

Our Large House Plants are perfect for housewarmings and birthdays. They are large, living, and lasting and leave a great first impression. Customers love them for their evergreen leaves that stay lush all-year-round and their contrasting style with more native plants and trees.

Treat friends or family to our Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. This brilliantly named plant is full of life and character. Its slender stem is adorned with stacks of broad, evergreen leaves that happily clean the air of toxins. It stands at around 3ft tall and is perfect for placing on the floor or on a large table.

Our Yucca Plant is large, hardy, and stylish. It boasts a rough, brown trunk and lush, lanced-shaped leaves. It doesn’t need watering as much as other plants in this range making it a perfect gift for forgetful people.

Our Large Indoor Plants thrive in moist soil with bright indirect light. Make sure the soil is well-drained and avoid placing it in rooms with central heating, fires, and radiators.

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