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Lunar New Year Gifts

Celebrate this Lunar New Year in a sustainable and meaningful way with our meaningful collection of living tree and plant gifts. Express your wishes for good fortune and prosperity this February with a Lunar New Year Gift.  Whether you're searching for a gift for a friend or loved one, our collection is the perfect choice. We recognize the significance of Chinese New Year and strive to offer gifts that reflect the spirit of the occasion.


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Send a Lunar New Year Gift

Delight your loved ones with our selection of Lunar New Year Gifts, perfect for bringing life and colour to your loved ones' homes this Chinese New Year. Our collection of gifts has been selected for their vibrance and colour, even in the colder months of the year meaning that your gift will shine as an emblem of prosperity and good fortune in February and beyond. Perhaps the most symbolic of our Lunar New Year Gifts is the Buddha's Hand Tree Gift. The fruit of this tree is a symbol of happiness, longevity and, good fortune and is often offered to temples at New Year's celebrations. The produces fruits that have long finger-like sections and are favoured for their sweet and aromatic rind, perfect for adding a zesty twist to drinks and food. Similarly, the Calamondin Tree Gift is a citrus tree that is often gifted around Chinese New Year. Often gifted as tokens of good luck and as symbols of abundance, the Calamondin is a tart fruit with a thin rind and juicy flesh making it a popular addition to cakes and jams. The Calamondin also has a dwarf variety, the Mini Calamondin Tree Gift that is ideal for those who may not have the indoor space for a fully grown citrus tree, with all the zest and half the size. If you’re looking to gift something a little more unusual, the Blueberry Gift is the perfect gift. This hardy outdoor gift produces delicious blueberries that will be at home in gardens of any size. Blueberries are symbols of calm and relaxation, a thoughtful and unique sentiment when sending a loved one a Lunar New Year Gift this February. Send your loved ones a living gift that is a thriving symbol of your love throughout the year. By bringing a living being into the home, drenched in beautiful symbolism, your loved one can watch as their gift grows with each Lunar Year that passes.


Can I include an add-on with my Lunar New Year Gift tree order?

Absolutely. you can add one of our add-ons, such as our root grow,citrus fertiliser, or even one of our seedboms at the checkout to complete your gift and remove any of the fuss.

What are the most traditional Lunar New Year Gifts?

Typically, citrus trees are particularly popular for Lunar New Year Gifting, many citrus trees are steeped in symbolism which is why they are favoured. Each tree has its meaning, so you can ensure that your gift is uniquely tailored to your recipient.