Christmas Plant Gifts

Give our Christmas Plant Gifts to friends and family to express your love and gratitude. Nothing brings joy in the festive season quite like our living, lasting, and meaningful gifts. Our Christmas plants are ideal for family members who are hard to buy for and already have everything they need. Add a personalised greetings card and choose a day for delivery. Oh, and our plants arrive beautifully gift-wrapped.

Christmas Order Deadlines 2020:

Order deadline - Wednesday 22nd December 2020
Last delivery date - Thursday 23rd December 2020

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Send a Christmas Plant Gift

Our range of wonderful Christmas Plant Gifts is there to make the season just that bit easier. Each and every one of them is wonderfully unique, but all of them are living, lasting, and full of meaning. Finding a gift that is just right for them couldn’t be easier! It’s a comfort to know that years from now, when they’re celebrating another Christmas, your gift will still be flourishing and reminding them of you.

Send our Peace Lily Plant as an offering of all things calm and beautiful this Christmas. It has lush green leaves all year-round and immaculate white lilies. It even arrives in a trendy, recycled pot for easy display!

Customers cherish our Gooseberry Bush Gift and it’s easy to see why. Jam and wine-makers can pick ripe gooseberries every summer or just admire the lush foliage. This self-fertile plant just needs water and sunlight and it will happily put up with our terrible British weather.

Our Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree makes for a memorable Christmas gift. Stacks of lush green leaves adorn a slender stem, happily cleaning the air of toxins and reducing the risk of illness, headaches, and fatigue.

Order now, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. You will not regret giving one of our festive plants.