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Phoenix Palm

Pygmy Date Palm

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3 Months Warranty - This Phoenix Palm comes with a 3 Months Warranty to make sure your recipient is completely happy.


Buy a large, lush Phoenix Palm with dark green feathery foliage on long arching stems. It makes the perfect addition to a room, softening corners and adding dramatic impact. Or choose to send as a unique living gift to a loved one.

The Phoenix Palm (or Pygmy Date Palm) is ideal for offices and apartments and likes bright light growing conditions. This palm is very easy to care for, slow growing, and due to its substantial size makes a wonderful floor standing plant.

Our Phoenix Palm is easy to grow and a treat for yourself or someone else. Just click ‘Add to Basket’ to add a personalised card and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the rest.

  • Arrives in a gift wrapped 18cm pot
  • Delivered at a substantial height of 95cm (3ft!)
  • A beautiful gift idea for birthdays and house or flat warmings
  • Thrives in bright light and full sun
  • Benefits from regular misting
  • Water lightly, never leave sitting in water
  • Fantastic air purifier
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    Product Details



    Glossy, medium green

    Plant Type

    Ornamental indoor plant

    Growth Rate


    Ultimate Height

    Over 4ft tall
    Slow growing

    Air Purifying

    Yes, this is an air purifying plant

    Pet Friendly

    Non toxic

    See our pet friendly plants

    Unique Feature

    Lush feathery foliage

    Caring Information



    Soil Moisture

    Keep moist but not wet


    Perfect Location

    Light Level

    Bright, indirect light with filtered sun. Can grow in lower light conditions too.


    Moderate, gently mist once a week


    Temperate, avoid drafts and sudden temperature changes

    What's Included


    Packaged in:

    Arrives in a gift wrapped pot

    Supplied in:

    Purpose made cardboard box


    You can add your own personal message that is printed in the accompanying greetings card. Up to 120 characters.


    Choose an optional greetings card
    Add your own personal message that will be printed in a greetings card (up to 120 characters) of your choice. This can be added at the point of checkout.