Easy Indoor Plants

Treat someone special to a gift from our Easy Indoor Plants range. We have a variety of easy to care for gifts to choose from, each of them living, lasting, and truly meaningful. They even purify the air you breathe, reducing the risk of headaches, illness, and fatigue - these gifts basically look after their owners more than their owners look after them.

Give an Easy to Care for Indoor Plant Gift

We have all sorts of Easy Indoor Plants to choose from. Each and every one of them is full of tropical and contemporary style without the hassle being delicate and hard to care for. Bring life and colour to a loved one’s home for special occasions or just to show your love and gratitude.

Our Yucca Plant is native to the deserts of Mexico. It has a rough, brown trunk and lush, lanced-shaped leaves. Thankfully, it is as hardy as it is stylish. For those who forget to water their plants need not worry, this desert dweller can happily go without water for more than the average plant and should be left t dry out between waterings.

Looking after our Peace Lily Plant is an absolute treat. This charming plant features lush, green leaves and pristine white flowers on long slender stems. Everything about it, from its appearance to its needs, makes it a friendly gift and it can even tolerate some lower light conditions.

Our Pineapple Plant offers a riot of life and style without being hard to care for. It flaunts lush, pointed leaves and a decorative pineapple atop a slender stem. This pineapple releases an enzyme to keep airways open and snoring sounds to a minimum.

Our easy-to-grow Indoor Plants thrive in well-drained soil with exposure to bright indirect sunlight. Avoid placing in locations near central heating and radiators.

Order now, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.