Easy Care Indoor Plants

Treat someone special to a gift from our Easy Care Indoor Plant range. We have a variety of easy to grow indoor plants perfect for friends and family members that don’t have green thumbs. Order a hard to kill indoor plant today for fast delivery around the UK.


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Order a Hard to Kill Indoor Plant

If you know a couple of indoor gardeners that just can’t seem to keep their plants alive then our hard to kill indoor plant range is perfect for them. Each easy care plant adds greenery to the home without the hassle of being hard to care for. Bring life and colour to a loved one’s home for special occasions or just to show your love and gratitude.

Friends and family will appreciate the laid back nature of our Snake Plant. It’s not only air purifying but basically indestructible too and the easiest plant to care for in our range. This house plant prefers bright indirect light but will also tolerate low light conditions too.

Our Yucca Plant is as hardy as it is stylish. For those who forget to water their plants need not worry, this desert dweller can happily go without water for more than the average plant, simply place in bright, indirect light and let the soil dry between waterings.

Looking after our Rubber Plant is a breeze. This plant features an abundance of lush, green leaves year round. It can grow large when cared for well and watching it flourish is a rewarding experience.

Our easy-to-grow indoor plant gifts thrive in well-drained soil with exposure to bright indirect sunlight. Avoid placing in locations near central heating and radiators. Order one today and put a smile on a loved one’s face. Add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.