Dwarf Plum Trees for Sale

Order a beautiful compact fruit tree for a loved one. Our dwarf plum trees for sale are perfect for growing in a pot on the patio or planting out into the garden.

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Fruit Trees for Patios and Small Gardens

Send someone their own little plum machine from our range of patio fruit trees. Plums are a delicious, sweet fruit that are ideal for growing in our UK gardens.

Our patio victoria plum tree is delivered in a 10L pot and will grow to around 2.5m in height. It produces a versatile fruit that can be eaten straight from the tree or used to make delicious puddings. A very popular choice to send for birthday occasions and its easy to see why who wouldn't want to open one of these on their birthday?

These smaller plum varieties can happily stay in a pot for their lifetime or be planted out into the ground, they look beautiful placed on deckings and patios. They might be small in stature but the yield of fruit is anything but, and in summer the juicy, ripe fruit will be just an arm's length away.

Our Merryweather damson tree is a semi-dwarfing variety, its a little bigger than the patio plum but wont grow any larger than 4m in height. The fruit is a dark blue-black in colour with an acidic, tart yellow flesh. Not great for eating but perfect for making jams, jellies and pie fillings.

All of our trees are packed up on day of dispatch and delivered next day from Tuesday to Friday around the UK and Ireland.