Bright Light Plants

Browse our range of Bright Light Plants. These exotic plants thrive in bright spaces, enriching homes with natural beauty, lush colour, and clean air. They aren’t just exceptional ornamental plants, they are greatly beneficial to your well being, reducing the risk of headaches, fatigue, and illness and bringing a calming atmosphere to your home. Rest assured, you won’t regret adding one of our plants to your collection.


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Bright Light Plants

Decorate bright spaces in your home with our Bright Light Plants. These delightful Indoor Plants effortlessly exotic and modern, each one flaunting unique natural splendour, but all of them cleaning the air you breathe and improving your well being.

Buy our Pineapple Plant for your home. A decorative pineapple sits on top of the main stem surrounded by lance-shaped leaves that droop over the sides. This eye-catching plant makes for a great windowsill centrepiece and watching it grow will be an absolute treat.

Our Peace Lily Plant looks resplendent all year-round. Adorn your home with immaculate white lilies and lush green leaves. This plant thrives in bright filtered sunlight, perfect for windowsills.

Treat yourself to our Elephant Ear Plant. This exotic plant has large green leaves, reminiscent of Elephant ears, on slender stems. Give this plant plenty of light and watch it grow. It will liven up any space and happily clean the air.

Our house plants are easy to care for. Place them in rooms without central heating - central heating causes temperature spikes and spoils humidity. Our Bright Light Plants thrive in bright indirect light. Let the top 1 inch of soil dry between waterings and make sure it is well-drained. You can also mist and clean the leaves regularly for healthy growth.