Living 70th Birthday Gifts

Send a 70th Birthday Gift to a loved one celebrating this momentous milestone in life. 70 years is no small feat and deserves a worthwhile gift. Our gifts are living, lasting, and full of meaning. Choose from ranges of trees, plants, and rose bushes that have distinct seasonal beauty or can even grow bounties of delicious fruit. No matter who you buy for, you will find the right birthday gift idea.

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70th Birthday Gift Ideas

It’s difficult to find a perfect 70th birthday gift when that special someone has seen it all. But our birthday presents are delightfully different! They flourish and thrive for years to come and have rich symbolism and meaning. Browse our range of living gifts to give them a special birthday.

Send a birthday gift from our Indoor Plant range. Our Yucca Plant is a brilliant addition to flats and homes and is very easy to care for. It features a rough, brown trunk topped with green, lance-shaped leaves, enriching indoor spaces with natural beauty from the Mexican desert. It needs very little water and cleans the air you breathe, making home so much more welcoming!

Show your love to a grandma turning 70 with our Special Grandma Rose Bush Gift. Its resplendent roses flaunt the most gorgeous blend of pink and orange and release sweet fragrances all summer long. This patio variety happily fits on patios and balconies and only needs water and sunlight. This flowering gift will bring joy every spring and summer for years to come.

Grandads’ turning 70 aren’t left out. Our Special Grandad Rose Bush Gift has the boldest red roses. Their striking presence is perfect decorating patios and balconies and bringing rich fragrances. Again, our rose bushes are easy to care for and look stunning every spring and summer.

Send a loved one turning 70 our Lavender Plant Gift as a treat for the senses. Rich fragrances and serene moods are part and parcel to this living gift. For years to come, they’ll be picking fresh lavender for recipes and admiring the colour of its evergreen leaves. All this gift needs is sunlight, water, and some shelter from the wind, it’ll take care of the rest itself.

Add a card and choose a nominated day for delivery when you order one of our 70th birthday gifts. Nothing is more meaningful than our personalised gifts.